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    Bill Crothers - the demise of High School sports


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    Bill Crothers - the demise of High School sports Empty Bill Crothers - the demise of High School sports

    Post by thewayIseeit Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:33 pm


    Bill Crothers has taken matters to a whole new level.

    For people who don't know Bill Crothers is an application based sports school funded by the average taxpayer. You have to apply to get into that school. Even students who live across the street have to apply to get in. The school has started to drain York Region of the majority of its athletes. They have the best facilities and openly recruit kids out of grade 8. That being said their girl’s basketball team (who has never won anything except a York title) has now gone and removed themselves out of league play and the possibility to compete at OFSAA. As if they are too good.

    They claim that the rational for this is that they are following the Canadian Sport for Life principles for training, rest, competing, etc. They are failing to realize is that they have started to undervalue High School Sport. They are now essentially running a Ontario Basketball Rep team during the high school season. The coach and AD at that school should look very closely into what they are doing, and how it may impact school sport (particularly in York Region) as a whole. The AD as a matter of fact was brought into Bill Crothers from Basketball Ontario. Do you think it is a coincidence?

    They may claim that it is unfair for those elite girls to play at the YRAA level, because they will simply dominate. Is this not recruiting? They have simply drained the talent from the surrounding area and placed it in one building. They have weakened school sport as a whole in the region. They have the arrogance to now think that they are too good to play against everyone else except in high level tournaments. They claim that they are preparing those girls to go to the US after high school. So what they are openly saying is that the high school system is inadequate and their system is better.

    I would ask all coaches, teachers, at the girls and boys High School level to seriously consider inviting Bill Crothers to your school. I wouldn’t attend their tournaments either if you care about school sport.
    There motives are very elitist and as far as I am concerned they are now the same as a PREP school catering to the elite. Maybe they should play in the NPSSAA against REDA, PHASE 1, Next Level, etc

    Those girls will never learn the pressure of playoff basketball and they will not improve because essentially they will be playing for nothing other than themselves.

    That’s thewayiseeit

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