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    GTA Top 10


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    GTA Top 10 - Page 2 Empty Re: GTA Top 10

    Post by RealBall Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:23 am

    MORE Players to Watch -

    Melessia Lewelyn - Thomson
    Chanel Ramcharan - Dunbarton
    Patricia Palcu - Stephen Lewis
    Sandra Amoah - Vaughan Road
    Danielle Garvin - Pope (Junior Team)
    Shaneika Wood - J Clarke Richardson
    Mikahlah Mulrain - Ascension
    Rashida Atkinson - St Josephs
    Samantha Nicado - Pope
    Chelayne Bailey - Pickering

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    GTA Top 10 - Page 2 Empty Re: GTA Top 10

    Post by Alwaysthetruth Sun Nov 20, 2011 2:44 pm

    cantstopwontstop wrote:
    RealBall wrote:#8 Campion -
    Everybodys talking about Campions injury troubles. Telesia Riley the star guard/forward and team leader is injured. Hopefully she's back on the court soon. Another questionmark is Shay Colley the young pointguard whos recovering from an injury last season.
    But they still have a elite frontline with NCAA bound 6'0 Forward Sade Iriah, and the Hamilton sisters (6'3 Oceana and 6'1 Savannah). Their bigs have talent, they can hold the team together until the other girls return. Don't count out Campion.

    unfortunately the sisters have quit the team so now they have only one healthy good player and that is Sade Iriah

    only a matter of time before Campion drops out of the rankings there team is going threw a struggle right now they only have 7 healthy bodies on their roster.


    Chew your words

    You know nothing, who ever you are. Campion dominated their league and dominated ROPSAA and had impressive showings in every tournament they attended, when Shay Colley rejoined their team in October. Sheridan tournament was without Shay Colley their point guard. So Campion struggled bringing up the ball against Eastern. Eastern was guard heavy and exposed that. Could you imagine if Campion would have had their bigger twin Oceanna, plus Shay.

    Campion will have 8 players at OFSAA, which will spell their strong starting line-up some rest time, which they did not have for most the season. They are going to bring up two strong juniors for OFSAA.

    And who ever you are. Check out what Campion did to the next best team in Peel for the Peel final.

    Bears maul Notre Dame in hoops final 49-23


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