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    Peel Playoff Predictions


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    Peel Playoff Predictions Empty Peel Playoff Predictions

    Post by jk33 Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:25 pm

    1. Brampton Cenn (Beat fletchers)
    2. Campion (Beat Aug)
    3. Fletchers (Started out ruff, but gon get better)

    1. D'Youville (Hands down one of the best teams in peel)
    2. Humberview (They play well, they got 2 caledon mans, and a bounce man 6'7 still needs work tho)
    3. Cardinal Ambroziac (Beat humberview by 1)

    1. Mount Carmel (there decent but they play with chemistry and they beat teams like humberview, stephen lewis and JOA)
    2. Joan Of Arc (deep squad, have many rep and aau players on there roster)
    3. Stephen Lewis (im from lewis, our coaching is ok, and our pg & sg shoot 30 shots a game but only hit a combined for 6/60 shots... we can be much better if the ball starts moving more but were still better than st.martins and gonzaga lol)

    1. St. Joes (they have a deep squad this year, many people play rep, a replica of JOA)
    2. Goetz (deep squad and a good ball program overall, they might win there division)
    3. Philip Pocock (Great start 2-0, lets see what happens later on)

    Any info on these teams or KEY players?

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    Peel Playoff Predictions Empty Re: Peel Playoff Predictions

    Post by stevelogan92 Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:08 pm

    Mount Carmel - Paul

    Best player on the Carmel team.

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    Peel Playoff Predictions Empty Re: Peel Playoff Predictions

    Post by TrueTalkz50 Fri Dec 10, 2010 4:20 pm

    st maguarite dyouville, brampton centeniel ( reece brooks and justine) campion , st joes mount carmel , joan of arc and goetz

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    Peel Playoff Predictions Empty Re: Peel Playoff Predictions

    Post by PeelBaller Sat Dec 11, 2010 12:13 am

    I think that In the southeast goetz and joes will be battling, joes has great scorers in Justin Ramos-Taylor and Amir Robinson.. but goetz also has great fire power with Osman Sillah and Cody John,
    Everything else is looking how it should be, except ambrozic over humberview but we will have to see come playoff time

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