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    Advantage Basketball Club Major Midget U16 Girls Tryouts

    Advantage Basketball

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    Advantage Basketball Club Major Midget U16 Girls Tryouts Empty Advantage Basketball Club Major Midget U16 Girls Tryouts

    Post by Advantage Basketball Wed Aug 25, 2010 8:47 pm

    Major Midget U16 Girls (Under 16, Born in 1995 or younger)

    • Wednesday September 8, 2010 8:00 – 10:00pm
    • Thursday September 9, 2010 8:00 – 10:00pm
    • Monday September 13, 2010 6:00 – 8:00pm
    • Wednesday September 15, 2010 8:00 – 10:00pm

    Tryout Location:
    Ellesmere Community Center
    20 Canadian Rd, Toronto, ON
    (Warden & Ellesmere in Scarborough)

    Tryout Fee: $20

    The benefits of playing for Advantage:

    Top-Notch Coaching and Leadership: the strength and success of our program starts with coaching.
    Our coaches have lots of coaching experience and have coached at various high levels including CIS, OCAA, OBA, High school and AAU. We believe as coaches that we need to sharpen our skills and stay on the cutting edge of basketball training at a high level, we do so by going to clinics and learning from the best teachers of the game. We pride ourselves in the skill development of our players. We don’t pigeonhole a player by making them a post just because they are taller than the others. We believe in helping our players to be complete, regardless of their height.

    Responsibility of teaching life skills and character through basketball: Most psychologists and pediatricians tell us that parents should begin teaching virtues to their children at birth. For this reason, we feel that it’s primarily the parents’ responsibility and not that of the youth coach. However youth coaches should always seek opportunities to teach, not just basketball skills, but “life skills” as well.

    We have found that some coaches spend too much time on the “life skills” and not nearly enough time on the basketball skills. Others make the mistake of putting too much emphasis on winning without teaching much of anything. We believe that winning is important but, secondary to player and character development. In our opinion, youth coaches should spend 90% of their time teaching hundreds of “basketball skills” before, during, and after all practices and games throughout the season.
    Many of the life skills are taught by the game itself, thus the popular saying “Basketball is Life”. Most of these skills are best taught by a coach’s example. In the words of Fran Tarkenton; “Leadership must be demonstrated, not announced”.

    We don’t care for the “trash talking”, “in your face” attitudes that have filtered down from professional sports. We believe that today’s youth players need to learn how to win and lose with class and dignity. We don’t allow players to put each other down regardless of the situation; we teach players that there are more benefits in encouraging others. We believe in teaching players to be responsible for their actions and that there are consequences for every action good or bad. We also believe that coaches need to be responsible for their actions also and never put winning above being a good example to the players.
    We believe: These virtues will serve them well both during and after their playing days are over.

    A youth coach should constantly remind himself/herself of the three reasons parents sign kids up to begin with.
    1. To have fun
    2. To learn the game
    3. To learn life skills associated with the game.

    A coach should be ever so mindful of the opportunities to teach young players Life Skills.
    We NEVER promise scholarships to any player or parent, we teach that hard work pays off.

    • 75% of our teams played at the AAA level at OBA.
    • In 2010 our junior girls won the silver medal (and have medaled at the AAA level 2 of the last 3 years).
    • Our juvenile girls brought home the bronze medal from the 2010 championships.
    • Our bantam boys placed fourth at the 2010 OBA championships.

    PLAYERS AT THE NEXT LEVEL: Over the last two years, over 12 of our players have been offered scholarships or have played basketball at the NCAA, CIS or OCAA level.

    PLAYERS SUCCESS OFF THE COURT: All our players from the midget level and above will be given a schedule success form that will help them manage their time. The sheets include academics, training, and rest time for the

    ADVANTAGE BASKETBALL TRAINING: As part of our program, players have the chance to work out with
    Chris Smalling. Chris has trained and coached many of our top level athletes such as: Juevol Myles--Kansas State University, Devoe Joseph--University of Minnesota, Dwayne Smith--George Washington University,
    Taylor Johnson-- Binghamton University, Adriana Allen--Monmouth University, Shanice McKoy--University of Texas, Lauren Griffith--American International, Kayla Grossett--Mount St. Mary's University, Wumi Agunbiade--Duquesne University, Noelle Zletni--Niagara University and many others.

    Advantage Basketball Club, 130 Rossland Road E. Suite 51104, Ajax, ON L1T 4S
    Phone: 905-550-2221 Cell: 416-797-8748

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