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    Post by IYG (Improve Your Game) Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:54 pm

    Due to the interest from coaches, parents and players both male and female, I've decided to do an Early Bird group.
    Coaches-Get a jump start on the competition with the "Off-Season Conditioning Package". Spots for "D1 Package" are limited due to the number of serious players who have already signed up. The academy is not for summer but for life.

    St. David's Elite Summer Basketball Academy Packages
    (DIVISION 1 PACKAGE 20 spots only)

    D1 Package (recommended for 14 & up)

    Division 1 testing package:

    Bio-mechanics Assessment

    A Bio-mechanical Assessment involves a complex evaluation of the feet, legs and body position with weight-bearing and non weight-bearing. It’s a critical part of the evaluation for functional foot orthotics, muscle strength, range-of-motion at important joints, and the angular relationships of the segments of the foot and leg. The information gained from a biomechanical assessment forms the basis for a rehabilitation program.


    Dartfish specializes in the production of leading edge sports video analysis software solutions. Complete video / performance analysis solution for sports coaches, professional athletes, education and medical professionals. Dartfish software helps to make the invisible visible, providing instant visual feedback. You’ll be able to see faults in technique, compare these with examples of correct technique. Use the analysis tools available in Dartfish to break down any physical activity into its component parts and make direct comparison of different techniques applied to a single activity.
    (check it out!)

    VO2 Max:

    The VO2max test is the criterion measure of aerobic power in athletes. Results are presented as either l/min (liters per minute) or ml/kg/min (mls of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute). The athlete is considered to have reached their VO2max if several of the following occurred: a plateau or 'peaking over' in oxygen uptake, maximal heart rate was reached, attainment of a respiratory exchange ratio of 1.15 or greater, and volitional exhaustion.


    The CFA - or Candidate Fitness Assessment - is a test that not only evaluates strength and endurance, but also measures potential for athleticism.
    (Core /Agility/Power/Strength training) unlimited training 3 times a week

    D1 Package pricing: $299+HST per week per person
    Team of 12 $ 3500 (save $500)

    Ontario Package (recommended for 9 age & up)

    Bio-mechanics Assessment

    (Core /Agility/Power/Strength training) unlimited training 3 times a week

    Ontario Package Pricing $199+HST per person
    Team pricing $2100

    Off-Season Conditioning Package (recommended for 9 age & up)

    CAPS (only)
    (Core /Agility/Power/Strength training) unlimited training 3 times a week

    Off-Season Conditioning Package Pricing per person $50+HST
    Team 10 session $1500+HST
    Team 20 session $2400+HST


    TRX training systems


    Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Doo’s top TRX exercises he uses to keep his team in fighting form. This one, the Scapula Squeeze, is subtle yet incredibly effective at increasing scapular range of motion, great for keeping Kevin Garnett injury free when fighting for rebounds.

    "Anytime you can use bands rather than heavy weights and free weights it's better, you are balancing your own bodyweight you have more control. It gets you lean faster than any weights."
    Carmelo Anthony
    Denver Nuggets

    As an NBA Strength Coach, I am always looking for training tools that will keep my athletes physically able to compete at their highest level all season long. The TRX allows our players to maintain much of their routine even when we're on the road. It's a great compliment to any training facility.."
    -Mike Brungardt
    NBA Strength Coach,
    San Antonio Spurs

    When they told me it was invented by a Navy SEAL, I knew it would be cool— It's just your body weight working against gravity, so you won't get injured. Now my wife uses one at home, and I'm addicted."

    -Drew Brees
    NFL Quarterback
    New Orleans Saints



    "Our team has definitely seen and felt the benefits of working with the VertiMax. Our schedule this year is very competitive. We need an edge for our players; VertiMax gives us that edge. During the testing of the vertical jump, my strength coach advised me that my players kept cheering "VERTIMAX" every time a teammate hit a higher max jump. My players and coaching staff are sold on VertiMax's Effectiveness."

    Rick Pitino - Head Coach Men's Basketball, University of Louisville
    2005 Final four & C-USA Champion

    "After implementing VertiMax in our off-season strength and conditioning program, our basketball team's cumulative vertical jump capability in shear inches increased by a magnitude that I have not seen in my 26 year coaching career. The VertiMax has made every player on my team a more dominate athlete providing me a more competitive team to work with. After seeing what VertiMax has done for my program in three short months, I can't imagine any coach not making VertiMax an integral part of their team's strength and conditioning program."

    Bruce Weber - Head Coach, University of Illinois Men's Basketball
    2004 - 2005 Big Ten Champion & NCAA Finalist

    Agility ladders, Med balls, Lateral resistors, FULL Weight-Room ect. (Basic Stuff)

    The Seven steps to heaven

    • Core assessment/Muscle imbalance repair
    • Strength Training
    • Foot work mechanics/ Lateral Speed training
    • Plyometrics
    • Shooting clinics/One on One Player development
    • Nutrition
    • AAU Tournaments

    We get it right!!

    Coach Kenny 647 290 1061


    St David is looking to run an elite developmental workout program for the month of August. Up to 6 hours per week. The training will be with Current and ex-pros from Europe as well as some of the St David staff. Training will consist of:
    advanced ball handling
    advanced shooting and a whole lot more
    This will not be a "baby-sitting" workout. Its only meant for the hard core basketball players that want to improve their game.
    The location will be in the Vaughan area.

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