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    May this serve as an eye opener to all kids and coaches.....


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    May this serve as an eye opener to all kids and coaches..... Empty May this serve as an eye opener to all kids and coaches.....

    Post by thehoopfactory Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:54 pm

    The recent trend of every kid wanting to go "Prep" is in my opinion stupid and will set Canada as a basketball nation back for years to come.
    You can never truly build anything domestically by having it exported to be developed.
    Not to say that a Prep school is not very beneficial for a select few. Key word being "select". But its not going to be the answer for many of these kids who are thinking a "prep" will be the answer to their basketball prayers. The truth is many of them will get lost in the mix in a country where 6'6 athletes grow on trees. Not to mention that many of these so called "preps" are simply regular high schools where the coach may be just as qualified or unqualified as our coaches here. If you're sending all your players to Prep schools are you a coach or a "broker"? And are we simply saying that we can't do it ourselves and empowering other coaches by giving away some of our best talent?
    Just some food for thought

    Here's two youtube videos of something I've experienced and have been preaching through my camps and clinics for the past 6 years.
    We ( Canada) are not lacking talent. We are simply following the wrong system.

    Why are we following a broken American system.....? They themselves have admitted its broken, but yet we (generally speaking) continue to follow. There needs to be a change in mentality in regards to what we see as important at key development stages in our players.

    I'm hoping a such a important subject will open up some good conversation...chances are it won't...because again, we are all caught up in what the Americans are doing and we are not in America.

    Coaches, AAU is not the answer, playing more games is not the answer, having your players seen by every college coach is not the answer, FUNDAMENTALS IS THE ANSWER.

    We have the Athletes in Canada, more so than the Europeans. WE ARE NOT DEVELOPING THEM.

    Lets Wake up Canada



    Building Better Ballers

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    May this serve as an eye opener to all kids and coaches..... Empty Re: May this serve as an eye opener to all kids and coaches.....

    Post by twoneedles Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:01 am

    Enforcing an adult competition schedule on kids will not develop them to the peak of their potential.

    The European system - which emphasizes skill development and training over games - is the way to go. Canada is getting there (NEDA, inviting our top JRs to the SR National team camp, Nike CP) but we cannot make serious progress if the best players are out of the country.

    A lot of funding from Sport Canada, Quest for Gold (Ontario Lotto Corp's project), and Road to Excellence (2012 Summer Olympics initiative) is based on medal potential. This unfairly penalizes sports such as basketball which have high participation rates but low success on the international level. Basketball Canada had its funding cut from $1.3M to $600k this year because of poor results.

    Now that we are taking youth development seriously and succeeding at the U16 level, the government and private donors need to step up. We can't have a pyramid with small numbers (of elite athletes) at the top level. Basketball Canada needs $$$ to help the current U16 teams succeed, promote them to the U19 level and then the SR. level (while starting the cycle over at the bottom).

    You can stay in Canada, play for NEDA or a high school team and get a post-secondary offer in the US or Canada. The NCAA isn't everything. Look at the numbers coming back to Canada after a couple of years, deciding to lead their teams to Nationals and have a great experience rather than riding the bench down South (i.e. Simon Farine coming back to Dal).

    But from the player's point of view: if playing prep is your goal, I guess you should chase that dream. It's like hockey players from the GTA who dream about playing for the Leafs, even though there are much better teams out there. Each player has different criteria for "what's best" for them.

    The U.S. system is broken but don't judge it based on their outcomes in international competitions. They will remain competitive because so many athletes play basketball. Just like how Canada will always have a good hockey team and Brazil will always have a good soccer team. Judge it based on process. Other teams are using better training and sport science to close the gap with the U.S. (still haven't won a world championship since 1994).

    Don't ask me because I don't know why, but it's like that and that's the way it is.

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