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    Myck Kabongo and tristan in Vegas...update


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    Myck Kabongo and tristan in Vegas...update Empty Myck Kabongo and tristan in Vegas...update

    Post by thehoopfactory Sat Jul 25, 2009 12:14 pm

    This is what being in the gym everyday for three weeks and then going to play in a tournament will do for you.

    check out the write up on myck in the link below

    Also read Tristan Thompsons evaluation and then think about what he's been doing this summer. Not to take anything away from Tristan but are the people around him truly developing him

    This is another example of why our best kids need to be taken aside and developed and spend less time playing for rankings and schools. At the end of the day the only ranking that matters is on draft night. If we develop our own we become the key ingredient, not an American prep school. This is where basketball in Canada needs to go. Into player development. We need to take on the responsibility of developing our own talent and not expect someone else to do it. If we are able to create an environment to do this we can change the face of basketball in Canada. If we are able to train and build our own basketball players we change the entire game here. Its not a matter of of talent in Canada, its a matter of talent not being developed. I don't know how many of you know this but as i learned on my recent trip to China. Yao Ming, C for the Rockets, was a gov't run basketball project. His parents were introduced and set up to try and produce a giant basketball player. He was then trained and developed until two American business men came into the picture and starting working on getting him out and over to the states. Pick up Operation Yao Ming. This is obviously a bit extreme by western standards but stil,l its just something to think about.

    we have to start producing our own sometime

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