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    Chris Smalling Girls High School Tournament

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    Chris Smalling Girls High School Tournament Empty Chris Smalling Girls High School Tournament

    Post by HooptownGTA Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:49 am

    Chris Smalling Girls Tournament - hosted by CROWN Scout Girls Basketball
    October 25-27, 2019
    Games played York University - Tait Mckenzie Centre, 1 Thompson Rd, North York, ON

    Pool A: Crestwood Prep, Southwest Academy, St. Jean-sur-Richlieu (Quebec), St. Francois (Quebec)
    Pool B: Caledon Basketball Academy, Capital Courts Academy, Dawson College (Montreal), King’s Christian
    Pool C: Bill Crothers (Prep), Niagara Prep, Royal Crown Academy, Saint-Laurent (Montreal)
    Pool D: Champlain College (Quebec), J. Addison, King’s-Edgehill (Nova Scotia), Lincoln Prep

    Friday October 25, 2019

    Bill Crothers (Prep) 56
    Niagara Prep 49

    King’s Christian 69
    Caledon Basketball Academy 63

    Lincoln Prep 64
    King’s-Edgehill 35

    TRC Academy 64
    Saint-Laurent JV 19

    St. Francois (Quebec) 69
    St. Jean-sur-Richlieu (Quebec) 62

    Champlain College (Quebec) 56
    J. Addison 55

    Saint-Laurent (Montreal) 68
    Royal Crown Academy 42

    Capital Courts Academy 65
    Dawson College 54

    Crestwood Prep 67
    Southwest Academy 42

    Saturday October 26, 2019

    Niagara Prep 71
    Saint-Laurent (Montreal) 47

    Bill Crothers (Prep) 42
    Royal Crown Academy 28

    Lincoln Prep 49
    Champlain College (Quebec) 42

    J. Addison 63
    King’s-Edgehill (Nova Scotia) 52

    Crestwood Prep 62
    St. Jean-sur-Richlieu (Quebec) 33

    Southwest Academy 73
    St. Francois (Quebec) 47

    Capital Courts Academy 65
    Caledon Basketball Academy 42

    Dawson College (Montreal) 59
    King’s Christian 48

    Niagara Prep 69
    Royal Crown Academy 55

    Bill Crothers (Prep) 51
    Saint-Laurent (Montreal) 48

    Champlain College (Quebec) 70
    King’s-Edgehill (Nova Scotia) 55

    Lincoln Prep 51
    J. Addison 43

    Crestwood Prep 62
    St. Francois (Quebec) 43

    Southwest Academy 65
    St. Jean-sur-Richlieu (Quebec) 37

    Dawson College (Montreal) 64
    Caledon Basketball Academy 59

    Capital Courts Academy 47
    King's Christian 42

    Sunday October 27, 2019

    Championship Semi-finals:

    Crestwood Prep 58
    Lincoln Prep 45

    Capital Courts Academy 61
    Bill Crothers (Prep) 59

    Consolation Games (3rd place teams):

    J. Addison 44
    St. Jean-sur-Richlieu (Quebec) 41

    King's Christian 63
    Saint-Laurent (Montreal) 50

    Consolation Games (2nd place teams):

    Southwest Academy 51
    Champlain College (Quebec) 43

    Niagara Prep 59
    Dawson (Montreal) 44

    Championship Final:
    Crestwood Prep 74
    Capital Court Academy 52

    Tournament MVP: Shayeann Day-Wilson (Crestwood Prep)

    1st Team Tournament All-stars:
    Alphonsia Eleko (Saint-Laurent Montreal)
    Merissah Russell (Capital Courts Academy)
    Rebecca Demeke (Crestwood Prep)
    Aaliyah Edwards (Crestwood Prep)
    Isaline Alexander (Bill Crothers Prep)

    2nd Team Tournament All-stars:
    Ciante Downs (Bill Crothers Prep)
    Izabella Zingaro (Caledon Basketball Academy)
    Aicha Dia (Dawson College Montreal)
    Latasha Lattimore (Crestwood Prep)
    Clara Bergeron (St. Jean-sur-Richlieu (Quebec)

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