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    Campion Junior SHOWDOWN- RESULTS

    Coach Miles
    Coach Miles

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    Campion Junior SHOWDOWN- RESULTS Empty Campion Junior SHOWDOWN- RESULTS

    Post by Coach Miles Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:53 am

    8th Annual Campion Junior Boys Showdown  
    One-Day Tournament  
    Saturday, February 11th, 2017

    POOL A: Campion (Brampton) 0-3 , St. Joan of Arc (Mississauga) 2-1, Riverdale (Toronto) 2-1, Brampton Centennial (Brampton) 3-0

    POOL B: Notre Dame (Brampton) 2-1 (+1), Notre Dame (Welland) 2-1 (0), Sir Wilfrid Laurier (London) 2-1 (+3), Stephen Lewis (Mississauga) 0-3

    Pool A @ Campion
    Game 1-8:00am Campion 43 vs. Riverdale 52
    Game 2-9:30am Notre Dame (Welland) 41 vs. Stephen Lewis 39
    Game 3-11:00am Campion 66 vs. St. Joan of Arc 72 OT
    Game 4-12:30pm Stephen Lewis 28 vs. Sir Wilfrid Laurier 51
    Game 5-2:00pm Campion 44 vs. Brampton Centennial 58
    Game 6-3:30pm Sir Wilfrid Laurier vs. Notre Dame (Welland)

    Pool B @ Notre Dame  
    Game 7-8:00am St. Joan of Arc 47 vs. Brampton Centennial 49
    Game 8-9:30am Notre Dame (Brampton) 57 vs. Sir Wilfrid Laurier 63
    Game 9-11:00am Brampton Centennial 58 vs. Riverdale 42
    Game 10-12:30pm Notre Dame (Brampton) 62 vs. Notre Dame (Welland) 55
    Game 11-2:00pm Riverdale 55 vs. St. Joan of Arc 61
    Game 12-3:30pm Notre Dame (Brampton)vs. Stephen Lewis

    Championship Final:  
    Game 13 6:30pm Winner of the Pool A Brampton Centennial  vs. Winner of Pool B Sir Wilfrid Laurier

    Tournament CHAMPIONS: Brampton Centennial

    Tournament MVP:  
    Taye Khan (Brampton Centennial)

    Tournament ALL-STARS:  
    J. Kelly (Brampton Centennial)
    Spencer (Sir Wilfrid Laurier)
    Kwol (Sir Wilfrid Laurier)
    N. Findley (Campion)
    D. Faraon (Joan of Arc)
    Prime Time

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    Campion Junior SHOWDOWN- RESULTS Empty Re: Campion Junior SHOWDOWN- RESULTS

    Post by Prime Time Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:06 am

    A team goes 0 - 3 and one of their players receives an all star... How does this happen?

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