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    Titans Jr Classic

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    Titans Jr Classic Empty Titans Jr Classic

    Post by HooptownGTA Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:19 pm

    Titans Jr. Classic - hosted by Durham College
    January 8-9, 2016

    First Round: Friday January 8th
    G1: 9:00am - Henry Street vs. Dunbarton
    G2: 9:00am - Sacred Heart vs. Runnymede
    G3: 9:00am - Holy Trinity vs. St. Peter
    G4: 9:00am - Central Toronto vs. Father Austin
    G5: 10:30am - Woodroffe vs. Frontenac
    G6: 10:30am - Moira vs. Dwyer

    Second Round: Friday January 8th
    G7: 1:30pm - WG1 vs. WG2
    G8: 1:30pm - LG3 vs. LG4
    G11: 3:00pm - LG5 vs. WG6
    G10: 1:30pm - LG6 vs. WG3
    G9: 3:00pm - LG1 vs. LG2
    G12: 3:00pm - WG4 vs. WG5

    Third Round: Saturday January 9th
    G13: 9:00am - LG7 vs. LG8
    G14: 9:00am - WG8 vs. LG11
    G15: 9:00am - LG10 vs. WG9
    G16: 9:00am - LG9 vs. LG12

    Quarter-finals: Saturday January 9th
    G17: 12:00pm - WG13 vs. WG11
    G18: 12:00pm - WG7 vs. WG14
    G19: 12:00pm - WG10 vs. WG16
    G20: 12:00pm - WG15 vs. WG12

    Semi-finals: Saturday January 9th
    G21: 3:00pm - WG17 vs. WG20
    G22: 3:00pm - WG18 vs. WG19

    Championship Final: 6:00pm - WG21 vs. WG22

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    Titans Jr Classic Empty Re: Titans Jr Classic

    Post by the General Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:30 pm

    Sacred Heart beats Woodroffe to capture the Titans Junior Classic Championship.

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