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    Notre Dame Welland Tip Off

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    Notre Dame Welland Tip Off Empty Notre Dame Welland Tip Off

    Post by HooptownGTA Tue Nov 24, 2015 7:25 pm

    17th Annual Notre Dame Welland Tip Off
    November 27-28, 2015

    Friday November 27th

    Pool A:
    10:00am - Thetford HS (Quebec) vs. Blessed Trinity
    11:30am - St. Augustine (Brampton) vs. Governor Simcoe
    1:15pm - Notre Dame (Welland) vs. Ursuline
    4:00pm - Thetford Black (Quebec) vs. Governor Simcoe
    5:30pm - Notre Dame (Welland) vs. St. Augustine (Brampton)

    Pool B:
    10:00am - Ursuline vs. Thetford Black (Quebec)
    11:30am - AN Myer vs. Father Goetz  
    1:00pm - Blessed Trinity vs. Craig Kielburger
    4:00pm - AN Myer vs. Craig Kielburger
    5:30pm - Father Goetz vs. Thetford HS (Quebec)

    Saturday November 28th

    Pool A:
    9:00am - Governor Simcoe vs. Notre Dame (Welland)
    10:30am - St. Augustine (Brampton) vs. Thetford Black (Quebec)
    12:00pm - Governor Simcoe vs. Ursuline
    1:30pm - Father Goetz vs. Blessed Trinity
    3:00pm - Ursuline vs. St. Augustine (Brampton)

    Pool B:
    9:00am - Blessed Trinity vs. AN Myer
    10:30am - Craig Kielburger vs. Father Goetz
    12:00pm - Thetford HS (Quebec) vs. AN Myer
    1:30pm - Thetford Black (Quebec) vs. Notre Dame (Welland)
    3:00pm - Craig Kielburger vs. Thetford HS (Quebec)

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