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    Post by IYG (Improve Your Game) Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:09 pm

    Monarchs Introduce:
    Looking to improve your basketball skills outside of your team practices and games?  Do you want help from professional coaches?  Are you the type of player who uses every opportunity to get better?

    The WWIT program is here to help, and we have gathered some of the strongest and most prolific basketball minds in Ontario to help you achieve success.  Partnering up with the ABS, the WWIT program was created to prepare athletes for the basketball season and help them achieve the highest level of performance they are capable of.  Using a mixture of skill development and athletic training, each participant in the program will be pushed to improve, including an increase in vertical, lateral speed, and upper body strength.

    Our in season program will be starting up soon, and at $300.00 for 10 weeks (1.5 hrs a week) it is a great value.  Any member of an ABS league club will be able to enjoy the program for only $250.00.

    What makes this program so intriguing is the coaching staff and the guest coaches that will be participating in this program.  Each one has been handpicked based on reputation and accolades, making each 1.5 hour session a basketball overload.

    Now accepting online registrations: Proceed here to WWIT Registration Site. Open to REP players only.

    The girls sessions will feature coaches Hugh Riley and Kenny Manning, both experienced in coaching high level girl teams.

    Hugh played at Humber college, winning two national championships during his time there.  During his 12 year coaching career, he has won OBA championships coaching at the juvenile level and was the “Juel coach of the year” in 2012.  Coach Hugh has coached and trained players in the NCAA, CIS and OCAA.

    Coach Kenny manages the Monarch athlete performance training program (APP) , engineered to make players faster, stronger and less prone to injury.  A registered rehabilitation therapist and certified athletic therapist, Coach Kenny has worked with elite players in basketball, hockey and lacrosse.  His high energy and motivational approach encourages players to push themselves and work hard to improve their game and athletic ability.

    The boy’s sessions will feature coaches Nicky Davis and Donovan Chung.

    Coach Nicky Davis is currently an assistant coach at Sheridan College, and part of the Centre of Performance coaching staff with basketball Ontario.  He has coached OBA basketball since 1992 and has been developing elite travel teams for the Monarchs with the goal of developing talent within the organization.  He is currently coaching the Monarchs under 19 AAU team, who will be playing in four US tournaments of the highest level.

    Starts: March 23rd, 2014 at Central Peel Secondary School

    3pm to 4:30pm (Girls Over 14) grade 9 - grade12( Coached by Hugh Riley and Kenny Manning) 

    5pm to 6:30pm (Boys Under 14) grade 6 - grade 8 (Coached by Nicky Davis, Donovan Chung) 

    7pm to 8:30pm (Boys over 14) grade 9 to grade 12 (Coached by Nicky Davis, Donovan Chung)
    ABS club discount available; each club has been sent an email with the discount code. All teams in an ABS club qualify for the discount regardless of whether their team is playing in the league.
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