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    Post by Northborderbasketball on Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:03 am

    Hello Coaches,

    My name is Justin Avery; I'm the president of the North of the Border Basketball League and I am enthusiastic to present an opportunity to grow Canadian basketball talent right here in Ontario.

    The NBBL is an elite basketball program that is driven by the development and growth of Canadian basketball. We believe that by giving athletes the opportunity to play against the best talent, inside the best facilities and on the biggest stage, it will allow athletes to foster the overall growth of the game of basketball in Canada.  Having our community come together and build a program that will highlight our athletes, will provide new and exciting opportunities for our athletes of the future.

    Canadian basketball is on the rise. One of the key reasons is the increased media exposure of our talented Canadian athletes that has led to more interest in young people pursuing the sport. The NBBL allows us as a community to build a program that has already been recognized on an international level. Publicity from our website has allowed our basketball community to be recognized nationally and in return highlight the talents of local athletes.

    The North of the Border Basketball League (NBBL) has had success this past summer working with many CIS, OCAA and NCAA programs. We have coaches from many schools and professional programs out at the gym each week watching our high-level basketball product. This allows for coaches around the CIS and the OCAA to watch your players grow throughout the summer league while developing their own programs. We ultimately want this to be a scouting resource that CIS, OCAA and NCAA coaches can use when looking for athletes for their respective programs.

    High school basketball is a large part of our Canadian basketball players lives. The average Canadian athlete spends most of their developmental athletic career with their high school programs. This action allows our coaches to help with the growth of our athletes on and off the court. We believe in keeping these young men in the gym playing the game of basketball throughout the summer. This allows them to grow together on and off of the court, continue to build their talents and keep them away from the distractions that come along with off court activities.

    This past summer we initiated a men’s division and have seen the type of confidence a player can grasp from playing in a summer program like ours. Many of our OCAA, CIS and NCAA athletes have seen a dramatic boost in their overall play this year. Our summer league program makes the transition from off-season to regular season much smoother for athletes.

    What’s new - This summer we're introducing another division to our program that is catered to high school athletes. It's a great opportunity to strengthen your own program by bringing along a couple of the younger junior level athletes and senior level prospects. It's an opportunity to work with them as they make the transition from junior basketball to Senior.

    Unlike a rep (OBA, AAU) basketball program, these games will only be held one day per week and will be within the Greater Hamilton Area. The commitment towards these young men’s’ development will be about one hour per week during the games. Practices are not mandatory, these games are to be held as a live practices and an opportunity for your players to keep their flow and chemistry with each other throughout the summer months.

    The league will run from May 13th- until July 31st and will have a break during the high school exam period. Your boys will play between 9-11 games all together over the course of the summer and playoffs. Our goal is to recruit nine schools to start our high school boys division. Each team will play each other once and then we will have playoffs. There will be one game per week and it will be held on a Tuesday night (eliminating any conflicts that an OBA or AAU program might have with their weekend tournaments.)  

    Features of our program include all games videotaped for overall player assessment and refereed by Hamilton Board of Approved Basketball Officials for accuracy. In addition, player performance metrics will be kept by our state of the art statistics software that tracks players’ performance. The result will be a comprehensive summary of each player with key focus areas identified so that each player can work on strengthening these areas before regular season begins.

    We are passionate about basketball and developing our current and future local talents. Starting with our own province of Ontario, we hope that you share the same vision with us and see how this benefits not only your program but the overall development of Canadian basketball. Join us as we begin this journey into the development of the game we love.

    For more information please contact us via email at info@northborderbasketball.com or visit us online at www.Northborderbasketball.com

    Best Regards,

    Justin Avery- President
    North of the Border Basketball League

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