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    St Mikes and Henry Carr.. THE BIG Junior 2?


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    St Mikes and Henry Carr.. THE BIG Junior 2? Empty St Mikes and Henry Carr.. THE BIG Junior 2?

    Post by gtabasketball on Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:47 am

    Looks like we have a interesting and exciting season ahead of us with the juniors!
    St Mikes and Henry Carr seem to be at the top of this years "pre-season".
    Teams will probably remain the same with the exception of the grade 11's and incoming waves of talented 2018's.
    Starting with St Mikes.
    St Mikes have added 6'6 Danilo Djuricic from CIA BOUNCE.
    Danilo is a BIG threat inside the key when it comes to shot-blocking and getting rebounds. Danilo also, has a great ability to rise over smaller opponents and score at will. He has an amazing frame and able to run up and down the floor with the rest. Very talented player and will defiantly be one of the key roles for St Mikes this year.
    Next, St Mikes have added Jonathan Kabongo from CIA BOUNCE.
    Younger brother of Myck has shown us many great things about his game. A great pull up jump-shot, able to set up team mates, great ball handling skills, some clutch performances and his lanky frame gives him the ability to steal the ball with ease. Kabongo can control the tempo and does what is needed. High ceiling on him and definatly someone to watch out for in the future. Will also have a BIG role on St Mikes squad this coming season.
    In addition St Mikes has added one of the most underrated players in ontario.
    They have added Aron Mata from CIA BOUNCE.
    When watching Aron play I immediately drew comparisons between him and a young Steve Nash in his prime. Not only because of the fact they both are canadian born, play point guard, wear the number 13 and have long hair but the fact that they both have an amazing ability set up their team mates for easy points. When watching him i saw that he could get to the rack and will and finish with contact. He knocks downs shots when necessary and seems to be clutch as we saw him hit that BIG shot at the end of regulation to take it to overtime vs scarborough. Best aspect of his game is definatly that he can handle the rock very well and get a fews oohs and ahhs out of the crowd. Will have a big role on St Mikes this year and has a very high ceiling.
    Up next is Marcus carr.
    Younger brother of Duane Notice who plays for 2nd seed BJCC a year up.
    Marcus is a flat out SCORER. He simply can SCORE the ball at will. We saw him last year and we were IMPRESSED. Also, rumoured to have droped 30+ points at Jr academy this year. Marcus is a very talented and he will be a big time player on this SMCS squad!

    Now for Father Henry Carr
    From what i know Carr has only added 1 big time player on their already "supreme team"
    They have aded John Akende from CIA BOUNCE.
    When watching john play his physical ability will just blow you away. He is a very rough and tough player who is not afraid to get physical. Reminds me of Dennis Rodman, since they both were tough and both need to touch up there attitude. Will probably have a big role on Carr this year

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