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    2013 Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament


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    2013 Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament Empty 2013 Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament

    Post by CoachJP Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:47 pm

    Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament, presented by Nike Team Canada
    March 23rd-24th, 2013
    York University (Toronto, ON)

    The Etobicoke Basketball Association (EBA) and Etobicoke Thunder Elite (ETE) were proud to host the 2013 Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament, presented by Nike Team Canada, and sponsored by Mantella Corporation and GP8 Sportwater, over the weekend of March 23rd-24th, at York University in Toronto, ON (Tait McKenzie Centre- 4700 Keele St.).

    The tournament saw 20 of the top OBA Junior (U19) teams in the province take part in a high-level tournament to kick off the 2013 season. These teams featured some of the top players in the province, including: Jack Simmons, Adam Voll, Reilly Reid, Jake Babic, Connor Gilmore, Christopher McComber, Nick Ernest, Regis Ivaniukas, Javon Masters, James Sylvester, James Agyeman, Nolan Mackenzie, Erik Sterne, Pat Pilato, Nikola Medacovic, Mike Friesen, Zach Shaban, Dele Ogundokun, Mike Shoveller, Rayon Miller, Gianmarco Luciani, Matt Ravida, Petar Rusic, Nerquaye Nettey, Brian Hryski, Jake Hagen, Sage Usher, Filip Music, Matt Bukovec, Alex Petronis, Owen Coulthard, Marco Zanette, Jonah Fogg, Zack Van Zeumeren, Drew Walford, Owen Coulthard, Josh Frazer, Marcos Clennon, Michael Peterkin, Kristian Vande Kemp, Myles Charvis, Oneal Halstead, Jesse Kendall, Sebastian Beckett, Philip Moloughney, and Mike Simonetta, among many others.

    Special thanks is extended to all tournament volunteers, Coach Tom Oliveri and the York Lions Men’s Basketball Program, as well as to UPS, Synergy Sports Medicine, Nike, DJ SouthPaw Brown, and the numerous local business sponsors. Thanks to their generous support, in addition to the competitive games and atmosphere, there was live entertainment, free tournament programs, and much more! Rogers TV also covered the two Championship games.

    Please see the results below, or search tournament recaps on Twitter through Etobicoke Elite (@EtobicokeElite) and North Pole Hoops (@NorthPoleHoops), with the hashtag #2013ThunderJam.

    Please direct any inquiries to etobicokethunderelite@gmail.com.

    We look forward to the 2014 U19 Etobicoke Thunder Jam next March!

    Tournament Results

    AAA Division
    POOL A: Etobicoke Thunder Elite, Toronto Triple Threat- Kate, Whitby Wildcats
    POOL B: Waterloo Wildhawks, Blessed Sacrament- Doornick, York North Avengers
    POOL C: Mississauga Monarchs, Brampton Warriors- Bassaragh, Northern Kings
    POOL D: Blessed Sacrament- Ravida, Oakville Vytis, Ottawa Next Level

    AA Division
    POOL E: Toronto Triple Threat- Mike, Caledon Cougars, Hamilton Wildcats, Steel City Slam
    POOL F: Brampton Warriors- Christopher, Lindsay Wildcats, Grimsby Elite, Orangeville Hawks

    Saturday, March 23rd

    York University: Tait McKenzie Centre MAIN COURT
    Game 1- 8:30am (AAA): Toronto Triple Threat 72 (John Hannant-Mitchell, 16) vs. 46 Whitby Wildcats (JR Walters, 15)
    Game 2- 9:55am (AAA): Mississauga Monarchs 50 (Myles Charvis, 24) vs. 73 Northern Kings (Rayon Miller, 16)
    Game 3- 11:20am (AAA): Waterloo Wildhawks 55 (Javon Masters, 14) vs. 64 Blessed Sacrament- Doornick (Philip Vujadinovic, 19)
    Game 4- 12:45pm (AAA): Ottawa Next Level 46 (Mike Shoveller, 11) vs. 79 Oakville Vytis (Owen Coulthard, 29)
    Game 5- 2:10pm (AAA): Etobicoke Thunder Elite 59 (Reilly Reid, 17) vs. 56 Toronto Triple Threat- Kate (O’Neil Halstead, 16)
    Game 6- 3:35pm (AAA): Blessed Sacrament- Doornick 64 (Ryan Doornick, 14) vs. 63 York North Avengers (Philip Moloughney, 14).
    Game 7- 5:00pm (AAA): Oakville Vytis 68 (Owen Coulthard, 20) vs. 57 Blessed Sacrament- Ravida (OJ Watson, 15)
    Game 8- 6:25pm (AAA): Whitby Wildcats 49 (JR Walters, 15) vs. 67 Etobicoke Thunder Elite (Gianmarco Luciani, 14)
    Game 9- 7:50pm (AAA): York North Avengers 69 (Michael Chao, 38) vs. 78 Waterloo Wildhawks (Javon Masters, 18)
    Game 10- 9:15pm (AAA): Northern Kings 81 (Rayon Miller, 13) vs. 58 Brampton Warriors- Bassaragh (Jordan Santos, 14)

    York University: Tait McKenzie Centre FIELD HOUSE
    Game 11- 8:30am (AA): Toronto Triple Threat- Mike 56 (Tevon Noble, 14) vs. 67 Caledon Cougars (Marcos Clennon, 20)
    Game 12- 9:55am (AA): Brampton Warriors- Christopher 58 (Justice Williams, 13) vs. Lindsay Wildcats 31 (Zack Lockhart, 11)
    Game 13- 11:20am (AA): Steel City Slam 68 (Anthony Iacoe, 25) vs. 58 Hamilton Wildcats (Kyle Rodgers, 13)
    Game 14- 12:45pm (AA): Orangeville Hawks 56 (Marco Zanette, 19) vs. 84 Grimsby Elite (Pat Pilato, 16)
    Game 15- 2:10pm (AAA): Brampton Warriors- Bassaragh 75 (Christian Williams, 21) vs. 95 Mississauga Monarchs (Myles Charvis, 29)
    Game 16- 3:35pm (AA): Hamilton Wildcats 46 (Sheldon Covert, 15) vs. 40 Toronto Triple Threat- Mike (Deshawn Montague, 14)
    Game 17- 5:00pm (AA): Caledon Cougars 73 (Marcos Clennon, 30) vs. 75 Steel City Slam (Anthony Iacoe, 23)
    Game 18- 6:25pm (AA): Grimsby Elite 63 (Pat Pilato, 26) vs. 48 Brampton Warriors- Christopher (Josh Frazer, 14)
    Game 19- 7:50pm (AA): Lindsay Wildcats 47 (Zack Lockhart, 15) vs. 63 Orangeville Hawks (Marco Zanette, 17)
    Game 20- 9:15pm (AAA): Blessed Sacrament- Ravida 41 (OJ Watson, 12) vs. 58 Ottawa Next Level (Chris McComber, 16)

    Sunday, March 24th

    York University: Tait McKenzie Centre MAIN COURT-----QUARTER FINALS
    Game 21- 9:00am (AAA): Quarter Final #1—Toronto Triple Threat- Kate 55 (Terique Clarke- Riley, 12) vs. 42 Blessed Sacrament- Doornick (Jordan Nelson, 12).
    Game 22- 10:25am (AAA): Quarter Final #2--Ottawa Next Level 29 (Chris McComber, 8 ) vs. 59 Northern Kings (Mike Simonetta, 16)
    Game 23- 11:50am (AAA): Quarter Final #3-- Etobicoke Thunder Elite 64 (Gianmarco Luciani, 23) vs. 56 Waterloo Wildhawks (Javon Masters, 15)
    Game 24- 1:15pm (AAA): Quarter Final #4—Mississauga Monarchs 66 (Jayden Magnaye, 14) vs. 61 Oakville Vytis (Jake Babic, 13)

    York University: Tait McKenzie Centre UPPER GYM-----AA POOL PLAY
    Game 25- 9:00am (AA): Toronto Triple Threat- Mike 36 (Paul Blissett, 10) vs. 54 Steel City Slam (Anthony Iacoe, 9)
    Game 26- 10:25am (AA): Hamilton Wildcats 42 (Christian Ferracuti, 7) vs. 72 Caledon Cougars (Amtoj Johal, 14)
    Game 27- 11:50am (AA): Brampton Warriors- Christopher 58 (Adrian Robinson, 12) vs. 62 Orangeville Hawks (Marco Zanette, 19)
    Game 28- 1:15pm (AA): Grimsby Elite 54 (Joey Capostagno, 10) vs. 42 Lindsay Wildcats (Harry Hughes, 13)

    York University: Tait McKenzie Centre UPPER GYM-----AAA Consolation Games
    Game 29- 2:40pm (AAA): Whitby Wildcats 51 (Jahvon White, 12) vs. 59 York North Avengers (Nabil Ibrahim, 17)
    Game 30- 4:05pm (AAA): Brampton Warriors- Bassaragh 56 (Keon Lopez, 12) vs. 66 Blessed Sacrament- Ravida (Matt Ravida, 21)

    York University: Tait McKenzie Centre UPPER GYM-----AA Bronze Medal Game
    Game 31- 5:30pm (AAA): Orangeville Hawks 54 (Marco Zanette, 13) vs. 79 Caledon Cougars (Omar Maaytah, 14)

    York University: Tait McKenzie Centre MAIN COURT-----SEMI FINALS
    Game 32- 2:40pm (AAA): Semi Final #1—Toronto Triple Threat- Kate 58 (Nikyle Williams-McIntosh) vs. 55 Northern Kings (Rayon Miller, 12)
    Game 33- 4:05pm (AAA): Semi Final #2—Mississauga Monarchs 73 (Myles Charvis, 16) vs. 64 Etobicoke Thunder Elite (Gianmarco Luciani, 25)

    York University: Tait McKenzie Centre MAIN COURT-----AA Gold Medal Game
    Game 34- 5:30pm (AA): Grimsby Elite 62 (Pat Pilato, 24) vs. 53 Steel City Slam (Anthony Iacoe, 9)

    York University: Tait McKenzie Centre MAIN COURT-----AAA Bronze Medal Game
    Game 35- 7:00pm (AAA): Etobicoke Thunder Elite 75 (Gianmarco Luciani, 22) vs. 60 Northern Kings (Ravaughan Gayle)

    York University: Tait McKenzie Centre MAIN COURT-----AAA Gold Medal Game
    Game 36- 8:30pm (AAA): Mississauga Monarchs 73 (Myles Charvis) vs. 66 Toronto Triple Threat- Kate (Matt McDonald, 15)


    AAA Gold Medal- Mississauga Monarchs, 5-0 (Head Coach, Gary Charvis)
    AAA Silver Medal- Toronto Triple Threat- Kate, 3-2 (Head Coach, Kate McPherson)
    AAA Bronze Medal- Etobicoke Thunder Elite, 4-1 (Head Coach, Jordan Paolucci)

    AAA MVP- Myles Charvis (Mississauga Monarchs)
    AAA Defensive MVP- Tyrell Rogers (Mississauga Monarchs)
    AAA Sportsmanship Award- Serville Poblete (Toronto Triple Threat- Kate)
    AAA Hustle Award- Domenick Ratz (Toronto Triple Threat- Kate)

    AAA High Scorer- Michael Chao, 38 (York North Avengers)

    Michael Chao (York North Avengers)
    Gianmarco Luciani (Etobicoke Thunder Elite)
    Adam Voll (Waterloo Wildhawks)
    Owen Coulthard (Oakville Vytis)
    Rayon Miller (Northern Kings)

    AA Gold Medal- Grimsby Elite, 4-0 (Head Coach, Jerry Naccarrato)
    AA Silver Medal- Steel City Slam, 3-1 (Head Coach, Jeff Giovanatti)
    AA Bronze Medal- Caledon Cougars, 3-1 (Head Coach, Adam Maaytah)

    AA MVP- Pat Pilato (Grimsby Elite)
    AA Defensive MVP- Josh Dikau (Grimsby Elite)
    AA Sportsmanship Award- Mitchell Mazzucca (Steel City Slam)
    AA Hustle Award- Jonah Fogg (Steel City Slam)
    AA High Scorer- Marcos Clennon, 30 (Caledon Cougars)

    Marco Zanette (Orangeville Hawks)
    Marcos Clennon (Caledon Cougars)
    Anthony Iacoe (Steel City Slam)
    Zack Lockhart (Lindsay Wildcats)
    Paul Blissett (Toronto Triple Threat- Mike)

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    2013 Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament Empty Re: 2013 Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament

    Post by CoachJP Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:42 am

    Results updated in the first post.

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