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    NPSAA folded (Surprise Surprise) Fights?

    Jamal J

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    NPSAA folded (Surprise Surprise) Fights? Empty NPSAA folded (Surprise Surprise) Fights?

    Post by Jamal J Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:17 pm

    Funny but it has been weeks and nobody has talked about the NPSAA folding.
    What an embarrassment. The teams who still have some (shady) level of organization are either playing mens league (what a joke) or exhibition games.

    What happened to all the money? Did it ever get paid? What happens to the kids who transferred to schools like Crothers or Thornlea?

    I heard that METRO PREP and BILL CROTHERS had a brawl today at Bill Crothers.
    Isn't this the second incident for Metro Prep? Who will take responsibility for this fight at Crothers? Did the people who allowed this prep team (Crothers) to exist think it would work?

    Hate to say it but a previous poster in this forum 'Voltaire' was right when he said " The best indicator of future performance is past performance, and if history tells us anything, this league and its core members will be exposed for what they really are: CON ARTISTS and BROKERS, masquerading as "coaches""

    Wonder how many kids will transfer out of regular school to go to this league ever again?

    Especially now that school sports will be ceasing to continue? Interesting

    Coach Jamal

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