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    Private Buisiness ok in York Region schools

    Jamal J

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    Private Buisiness ok in York Region schools Empty Private Buisiness ok in York Region schools

    Post by Jamal J Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:54 pm

    A new reality has set into the Ontario basketball scene. The York Region District school board has decided that a Private / Public partnership between its schools and the NPSAA (National Prep League) is appropriate. Two of its schools have now joined ranks and have entered this Private league.

    Make no mistake about it and it isn’t even a secret but the NPSAA is a private business. The cost to enter a team into this league is $5000. The cost of running a prep program and traveling to the USA is far greater. Why would the York School board allow its schools to be used for such a purpose? If you look at the NPSAA website you will notice that both schools have a link to those York Schools on its website.


    Is this a conflict of interest that the York Region School board has ventured into. Or can anyone in a publicly funded school board venture into such a thing? Maybe a computer teacher who uses school board time to work and support a business venture?

    1. Should publicly funded schools support private business ventures such as the NPSAA or AAU or REP programs?

    2. Is the money which goes to support these programs deposited into the school accounts for transparency purposes?

    These schools have come out and stated that the students are playing for free. So this brings about several things to consider.

    If it is free where is the $5000 to join the NPSSA coming from? And what about the money used to travel? Where is that coming from?

    I have heard the people at one of the schools say that the money comes from the Private donations by the AAU Alumni associated with this PREP program. So if this is the case is it appropriate for the school to accept large sums of donations from private organizations? Again where is the money deposited?

    If in fact the kids are actually paying which by all accounts they are, where is this money going? There is an inextricable link between this one Prep school in particular and its AAU partner. How did all of those transfer students get into that prep school? Who made it happen? What happens to the kids who have actually attended these schools since Grade 9? Do they get to play on the elite team? Is the elite team practicing during regular school hours? (ie taxpayers money) Again to support the private businesses of the NPSAA and the AAU program?

    As for The SPORTS SCHOOL the argument they have made to justify this entrance into the NPSAA is that OFSAA has ruled against them. This is the biggest nonsense they can use to defend their position. First of all everyone knows that there is a link between this sports school and Phase 1 Academy who runs the NPSAA. Now they are taking kids from all over the place to "support"in this private venture. The initial premise of the SPORTS SCHOOL was that the students who are attending that school already had a place to play i.e., Provincially, Nationally. They would use the facilities and to get academic support while they train or travel. This school is suppose to have a equitable and transparent application process which is completely false and if I were a parent whose kids didn’t get in because of several elite level basketball players I would be very upset?

    If you are a decent basketball player in grade 8 would you go to this PREP school or this SPORTS school? Knowing that by the time you get to Grade 11 or 12 they will probably recruit over you. What is the sport associating in York region doing about this? These two schools are using the schools logos, gym space, to support the private ventures of the NPSAA and AAU programs. Is everyone ok with this?

    Can other schools do this sort of thing? Who decides? Again Let's suppose the computer teacher starts to build his businesses by using the expertise of computer students to make money for his company. Is this appropriate? Same logic. Can a teacher run an after school program charge the kids money and deposit it into his company account?

    Should the taxpayers who are funding these schools be made aware of what is happening?

    Anyone have any answers?

    Oh yes and not to mention the NPSAA pre season tournament will be happening at one of these two schools this WEEK DURING SCHOOL HOURS. If this isn't a conflict of interest using school board time to help this Private business I am not sure what is off limits anymore.....Hmmmmm

    Coach Jamal

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