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    St. Mary's Tip-Off Classic (Hamilton)

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    St. Mary's Tip-Off Classic (Hamilton) Empty St. Mary's Tip-Off Classic (Hamilton)

    Post by HooptownGTA Tue Oct 02, 2012 5:05 pm

    St. Mary’s Tip-Off Classic (Hamilton)

    Pool A: Toronto Northern, Regina Mundi, St. Mary's, Waterloo
    Pool B: Holy Cross, Loyola, Sarnia Northern, Sainte Laurent
    Pool C: Eastview, Michael Power, St. Thomas More, Westdale
    Pool D: Bill Crothers Excellence, Bishop Tonnos, Mother Teresa, Campion

    Friday September 28, 2012
    Michael Power 19 vs St. Thomas More 48
    Regina Mundi 37 vs St. Mary’s 63
    Bishop Tonnos 52 vs Campion 54 (2OT)
    Waterloo CI 46 vs Toronto Northern 36
    Westdale 63 vs Eastview 53
    Mother Teresa 45 vs Bill Crothers 38
    Sarnia Northern 32 vs Loyola 47
    Holy Cross 47 vs St. Laurent 62

    Saturday September 29, 2012
    Waterloo CI 54 vs Regina Mundi 30
    St. Thomas More 49 vs Eastview 33
    Toronto Northern 19 vs St. Mary’s 76
    Michael Power 45 vs Westdale 71
    Bishop Tonnos 46 vs Mother Teresa 58
    Sarnia Northern 42 vs Holy Cross 44
    Campion 34 vs Bill Crothers 27
    Laurent 45 vs Loyola 56
    Toronto Northern 22 vs Regina Mundi 47
    Eastview 54 vs Michael Power 37
    Waterloo CI 33 vs St. Mary’s 57
    Westdale 46 vs St. Thomas More 52
    Mother Teresa 34 vs Campion 44
    Holy Cross 49 vs Loyola 68
    Bill Crothers 75 vs Bishop Tonnos 45
    Sarnia Northern 40 vs St. Laurent 44

    Sunday September 30, 2012
    Semifinal #1: St. Mary’s 59 vs Campion 56
    Semifinal #2: Loyola 39 vs St. Thomas More 41

    Championship Final: St. Mary's 56 - St. Thomas More 41

    MVP: Amira Giannattasio (St. Mary’s)
    All-stars: Oceana Hamilton (Campion), Emily Wilk (Loyola), Abbey Clark (St. Thomas More), Diedre Edwards (St. Thomas More), Hilary Hanaka (St. Mary’s)

    Shay Colley (Campion) and Kia Nurse (St. Thomas More) did not play because they were in Spain for the 3-on-3 championships.
    McKenzie Sigurdson (Northern) only played in the game vs. Waterloo on the Friday due to prior comments.

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