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    Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament


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    Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament Empty Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament

    Post by CoachJP Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:59 am

    Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament
    March 24th-25th, 2012
    Etobicoke, ON

    The Etobicoke Basketball Association (EBA) and the Etobicoke Thunder Elite (ETE) were proud to host the 2012 Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament, sponsored by Mantella Corp. and Dimpflmeier, over the weekend of March 24th-25th, in Etobicoke, Toronto, ON.

    The tournament saw 20 of the top OBA Junior (U19) teams take part in a high-level tournament to kick off the 2012 season. These teams featured some of the top players in the province, including: Jamal Reynolds, Grant Mullins, Jovan Leamy, Trevon McNeil, Matthew Beckford, Patrick Street, Reilly Reid, Nolan Mackenzie, Matthew Taylor, Mitch Farrell, Donnavan Hastings, Myles Charvis, Jason Quiring, Regis Ivaniukas, Josh Codinera, Matt Ravida, Mackenzie Morrison, Cudjoe Masuka, Henry Bankazo, Alistair Cole, Cameron Gibbs, Mackenzie Morrison, Matt Plunkett, Thomas Chalmers, Jack Simmons, Michael Worden, James Miles, Nick Ernest, Ted Johnson, Mike Friesen, Adam Voll, Alex Thompson, Juwan Miller, and Javon Masters, among many others.

    The tournament was proud to offer FREE admission to the basketball community, which included many CIS and OCAA coaches, in addition to a few NCAA coaches.

    Special thanks is extended to all tournament volunteers, to North Pole Hoops and Crown Magazine for their coverage of the tournament, as well as to UPS, Synergy Sports Medicine, Nike, and the DJ Duo Mavro and Castaloma, in addition to the numerous local business sponsors.

    Please see the updated tournament results below. Follow Etobicoke Elite (@EtobicokeElite) for more tournament information, or search the tournament hashtag (#ThunderJam).

    Feel free to contact etobicokethunderelite@gmail.com for any questions or for more information about the tournament.

    Tournament Results

    AAA Division
    POOL A: Etobicoke Thunder Elite (2-1), Guelph CYO Knights (0-3), Blessed Sacrament-Ravida (2-2)
    POOL B: Oakville Venom (1-2), Barrie Royals (4-0), Durham City Bulldogs (2-1)
    POOL C: Ottawa Next Level (0-3), Waterloo Wildhawks (4-0), Mississauga Monarchs (1-2)
    POOL D: Blessed Sacrament- Gunter (2-1), Burlington Skyhawks (3-1), Etobicoke Thunder #1 (0-3)

    AA Division
    POOL E: Brampton Warriors (3-1), Toronto Triple Threat (1-2), Waterloo Wolverines (4-0), West Ferris Spartans (0-3)
    POOL F: MUMBA (3-1), Whitby Saints (2-2), Orangeville Hawks (1-2), Toronto Five-O (0-3)

    Saturday, March 24th

    MICHAEL POWER HS (105 Eringate Dr., Etobicoke, ON)- POOL PLAY
    Game 1- 8:30am (AAA): Ottawa Next Level 44 ( Alejandro Prescott, 11) vs. 61 Mississauga Monarchs (Matthew Beckford, 15)
    Game 2- 9:55am (AAA): Guelph CYO Knights 48 (Jesse Kendall, 11) vs. 57 Blessed Sacrament-Ravida (Cudjoe Masuka, 24)
    Game 3- 11:20am (AAA): Oakville Venom 47 (Trevon McNeil, 25) vs. 69 Barrie Royals (Matt Plunkett, 21)
    Game 4- 12:45pm (AAA): Etobicoke Thunder #1 59 (Ryan Bennett, 17) vs. 73 Burlington Skyhawks (Grant Mullins, 22)
    Game 5- 2:10pm (AAA): Etobicoke Thunder Elite 81 (Nerquaye Nettey, 12) vs. 47 Guelph CYO Knights (Erik Sterne, 10)
    Game 6- 3:35pm (AAA): Barrie Royals 64 (Matt Plunkett, 16) vs. 63 Durham City Bulldogs (Mitch Farrell, 14)
    Game 7- 5:00pm (AAA): Burlington Skyhawks 80 (Grant Mullins, 26) vs. 58 Blessed Sacrament-Gunter (Moe Ismail, 18)
    Game 8- 6:25pm (AAA): Waterloo Wildhawks 60 (Javon Masters, 11) vs. 55 Ottawa Next Level (Mitchell Harrison, 16)
    Game 9- 7:50pm (AAA): Blessed Sacrament- Ravida 59 (Cudjoe Masuka, 21) vs. 52 Etobicoke Thunder Elite (Matthew Taylor, 15)
    Game 10- 9:15pm (AAA): Durham City Bulldogs 74 (Mitch Farrell, 21) vs. 72 Oakville Venom (Trevon McNeil, 24)

    RICHVIEW CI (1738 Islington Ave., Etobicoke, ON)- POOL PLAY
    Game 11- 8:30am (AA): Brampton Warriors 75 (Tristan Coley, 18) vs. 52 Toronto Triple Threat (Andre Harriot, 15)
    Game 12- 9:55am (AA): MUMBA 72 (Allistair Cole, 16) vs. 55 Whitby Saints (Shaquille Holmes, 11)
    Game 13- 11:20am (AA): West Ferris Spartans 18 (Tanner Awca, 3) vs. 65 Waterloo Wolverines (Mike Pereira, 14)
    Game 14- 12:45pm (AAA): Mississauga Monarchs 73 (Matthew Beckford, 15) vs. 77 Waterloo Wildhawks (Jacob Ranton, 19)
    Game 15- 2:10pm (AA): Toronto Five-O 61 (Yusuf Ali, 14) vs. 63 Orangeville Hawks (Landon Byard, 24)
    Game 16- 3:35pm (AA): Waterloo Wolverines 72 (Mike Finoro, 18) vs. 63 Brampton Warriors (Brandon Sackey, 24)
    Game 17- 5:00pm (AA): Toronto Triple Threat 57 (Andre Harriot, 19) vs. 38 West Ferris Spartans (Jake Tougas, 10)
    Game 18- 6:25pm (AA): Orangeville Hawks 43 (Marco Zanette, 10) vs. 82 MUMBA (Allistair Cole, 20)
    Game 19- 7:50pm (AA): Whitby Saints 61 (Rakeem Hughes, 16) vs. 58 Toronto Five-O (Yusuf Ali, 13)
    Game 20- 9:15pm (AAA): Blessed Sacrament- Gunter 65 (Moe Ismail, 15) vs. 63 Etobicoke Thunder #1 (Sukhpreet Singh, 10)

    Sunday, March 25th

    RICHVIEW CI (1738 Islington Ave., Etobicoke, ON)- POOL PLAY
    Game 21- 9:00am (AA): MUMBA 20 vs. 0 Toronto Five-O
    Game 22- 10:30am (AA): Brampton Warriors 87 (Tristan Coley, 14) vs. 42 West Ferris Spartans (Michael Cuncins, 11)

    MICHAEL POWER HS (105 Eringate Dr., Etobicoke, ON)- POOL PLAY
    Game 23- 9:00am (AA): Whitby Saints 78 (Carlo Zanette, 30) vs. 72 Orangeville Hawks (Anthony Meggo, 18)
    Game 24- 10:30am (AA): Waterloo Wolverines 91 (Ben Reyhani, 16) vs. 43 Toronto Triple Threat (Paul Blisset, 11)

    RICHVIEW CI (1738 Islington Ave., Etobicoke, ON)- CONSOLATION GAMES
    Game 25- 12:00pm (AAA Raking Game): 2nd A Etobicoke Elite 94 (Patrick Street, 32) vs. 3rd D 88 Etobicoke #1 (Ted Johnson, 23)
    Game 26- 1:30pm (AAA Raking Game): 2nd D Blessed-Gunter 60 (Moe Ismail, 17) vs. 3rd A 48 Guelph (Jordan Trimble, 13)
    Game 27- 3:00pm (AAA Raking Game): 2nd B Durham 72 (Jamal Reynolds, 14) vs. 3rd C 42 Ottawa (Keegan Macneill, 13)
    Game 28- 4:30pm (AAA Raking Game): 2nd C Mississauga 55 (Myles Charvis, 16) vs. 3rd B 68 Oakville (Trevon McNeil, 25)

    MICHAEL POWER HS (105 Eringate Dr., Etobicoke, ON)- PLAYOFF/ MEDAL GAMES
    Game 29- 12:00pm (AAA Semi Final): 1st B Barrie Royals 53 (Matt Plunkett, 22) vs. 1st C 57 Waterloo Wildhawks (Javon Masters, 19)
    Game 30- 1:30pm (AAA Semi Final): 1st A Blessed- Ravida 63 (James Miles, 15) vs. 1st D 76 Burlington Skyhawks (Grant Mullins, 26)
    Game 31- 3:00pm (AA Bronze): 2nd E Brampton Warriors 81 (Brandon Sackey, 22)vs. 2nd F 60 Whitby Saints (Shaquille Holmes, 14)
    Game 32- 4:30pm (AA Final): 1st E Waterloo Wolverines 73 (Cameron Gibbs, 20) vs. 1st F 70 MUMBA (Sammy Mohammed, 16)
    Game 33- 6:00pm (AAA Bronze): Barrie Royals 54 (Matt Plunkett, 17) vs. 45 Blessed- Ravida (Cudjoe Masuka, 13)
    Game 34- 7:30pm (AAA Final): Waterloo Wildhawks 72 (Javon Masters, 22) vs. 69 Burlington Skyhawks (Grant Mullins, 15)

    AAA MVP- Javon Maters (Waterloo Wildhawks)
    AAA Defensive MVP- Juwan Miller (Waterloo Wildhawks)
    AAA Sportsmanship Award- Grant Mullins (Burlington Skyhawks)
    AAA Hustle Award- Adam Voll (Waterloo Wildhawks)
    AAA High Scorer- Patrick Street, 32 points (Etobicoke Thunder Elite)

    AA MVP- Cameron Gibbs (Waterloo Wolverines)
    AA Defensive MVP- Tyrone Dixon (MUMBA)
    AA Sportsmanship- Mike Finoro (Waterloo Wolverines)
    AA Hustle Award- Amjed Osman (Waterloo)
    AA High Scorer- Carlo Zanette, 30 points (Whitby Saints)

    Number of posts : 186
    Registration date : 2010-05-05

    Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament Empty Re: Etobicoke Thunder Jam U19 Tournament

    Post by CoachJP Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:53 pm

    Tournament results have been updated in the first post.

    Thanks to everyone for the support over the course of the weekend, and to all of the volunteers, players, coaches, parents, sponsors, media analysts, and college/ university coaches who attended.

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