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    Whats with the HYPE at WHCI??


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    Whats with the HYPE at WHCI?? Empty Whats with the HYPE at WHCI??

    Post by MCIFan Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:25 pm

    Yes, last year they won the cities for midgets and now tehre all in junior as grade tens, every1 been talking how they are ganna be nice this year but i dunt see anything after todays game in them.
    Martingrove easily blew out WHCI by 22 points with the bench playing most of the fourth quarter, this just shows that talk is cheap and the level of midget to juniors is like houseleague to rep.
    May i add that MCI seniors also blewout WHCI seniors by 40...FOURTY!!
    thank you...comment please

    im not boosting MCI, it as just there first game, im just saying WHCI aint BIG

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    Whats with the HYPE at WHCI?? Empty WHCI SUX

    Post by baller_baller Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:28 pm

    DAWG i went to whci last year yea there midgets won citys but did u see what teams they faced man they faced silvethorn and etobicoke SOFTT teams then they went to a henery carr tournament and they got SLAPPED!! they were facin soft teams broo they aint doing . this year west region finals going down with richview facin runnymede or westson period aint no whci or mci gonna be in west region citys finals period!

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