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    Post by prep.school Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:45 pm

    National POST GRAD "NPGAC" Showcase last Nov 11-13, 2011. http://planetathlete.org/ Nov12 (Day2): "Next up was Stan Jones Academy of Philadelphia against Rock Academy of Toronto, Ontario. The experience players of Stan Jones battled hard to stop Rock’s high school team from defeating them. It was a battle that went back and forth all game with Marcellus Anderson and Tyshion McBride... combining for 29 points. Rock’s younger team was led by outstanding point guard Josh Codinera, who just could not miss. He hit for 23 points, with five 3-point baskets. This kid can shoot, and his ball handling ability is excellent. He leads his team like a General, and tonight he was simply EXCELLENT! Now, Jordan Jensen-Whyte, a 6’5 swing, is clearly the most athletic player on Rock, his movement away from the ball, along with his in your face moves to the basket surely qualifies him as a high mid major player. Hitting again for 18 points, and another double double. When Jensen-Whyte and Codeinera play like this they cannot be beat. The game was hot, with shot after shot scoring for both teams, Game Over – No Way – OT Baby! However, tonight with an older, much older Stan Jones Team 69, Rock 68."

    Planet Athlete | planetathlete.org
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    Sometimes less is more — at least that’s what The ROCK Basketball Academy must have thought after coming from behind to defeat the Armenian General Benevolent Union [AGBU] 96-84, at the Alex Manoogian Cultural Centre in an exhibition match.

    With only six players to start the game the ROCK battled foul trouble throughout the night and with 45 seconds remaining in the third quarter were relegated to just five when Daniel Gordon fouled out. Clinging to a one point lead with 7:45 to play in the fourth quarter, Jordan Whyte was then lost to an ankle injury and the undermanned squad was forced to finish the game with only four on the floor.

    “There’s not much that you can say in that situation. Initially it looked like we held our heads down, [but] we came out and Josh [Codinera] shot the ball incredibly well. We got some good baskets, they didn’t finish that well and we were able to capitalize and take a lead and I think that kept us motivated,” said Keith Vassell, ROCK head coach.

    Turning to the smooth outside shooting of Cordinera and Bronson Fridal would carry the ROCK down the stretch as they finished with 34 and 30 points respectively.

    Finding the range against AGBU’s zone defence would set the tone for the final push, maintaining distance and forcing the home side to rush their offence, taking long jumpers and contested layups, creating long rebounds off misses and a handful of blocked shots by Jalen Griffiths, leading to a number of emphatic fast break dunks going the other way.

    Regardless, the outside shooting may have proven to be the difference, as the visitors connected on 14 from downtown while the hosts made nine from deep.

    “I wouldn’t classify us as a shooting team but we do have some guys that can make nine three’s in a game,” said Vassell. “When Josh got hot and they kept giving him that shot in the exact same spot I’m not going to complain and we needed it, if he wasn’t hitting those shots the game would have been different.

    "I’m really happy with the way that these guys stepped up.”

    A second half outburst saved the young ROCK team from what seemed a likely defeat at the hands of the veteran men’s team. Trailing 45-34 at the break, the ROCK were getting eaten on the inside by the more physical AGBU and there seemed to be no answer for Vahe Sarkissian who tallied 15 first half points, primarily in the paint.

    “I think we were flat the whole first half, they looked like they were 16-years-old and we were 30-year-old men. I don’t know if there was lead in the shoes, I know they were disappointed with the inability of a few players to come out but really there’s no excuse to the way that we started the game, said Vassell.

    “AGBU is a smart team, every time we were not looking where our man was they passed the ball to that man, every single time. That’s a credit to their guards and just knowing how to play with each other. I guess being the younger team their just not used to the heady play that older players can play.”

    Leading the way for the experienced AGBU side was Oshin Zargarian who finished with 27 points.

    What turned things around for the ROCK was a 16 point quarter from Codinera and a press that began to wear down their older opponents. If not for tired legs the end of the contest could have been very different.

    “If they had more energy, if they had legs for 40 minutes, it would have been an uphill battle for us. I think that’s a situation where we have to bring more to the table in terms of energy, motor and just establish ourselves defensively,” said Vassell.

    Game 6 PHASE 1 Black vs. ROCK Academy
    In a battle of the tournaments undefeated, a frantic finish saw ROCK Academy successfully came from behind to hand PHASE 1 Black its first loss of the showcase with a 70-66 victory.

    A relentless pursuit of the basketball on the offensive glass allowed Jamal Reynolds to ge...t a number of looks on the inside to finish with a game-high 18 points, while crafty guard Josh Codenera weaved his way through the defence to find open shooters while also collecting 14 points of his own.

    “I tip my hat to the defence that they were playing. They sustained defensive intensity for an extended period of time, I think Josh and Jamal were able to contain and actually get some buckets out of the plays. Jamal’s super active, both offensively and defensively and Josh hit some big shots,” said Keith Vassell head coach of ROCK Academy.

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