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    Post by HooptownGTA on Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:44 am

    Mike Sullivan Memorial - St. Catherines, ON
    Games played at St. Francis and Holy Cross
    November 18-20, 2010

    Pool A: MacDonald (Hamilton), St. Francis (St. Catherines), Blessed Trinity (Grimsby)
    Pool B: St. Francis Xavier (Mississauga), Governor Simcoe (St. Catherines), St. Paul (Niagara Falls)
    Pool C: ACMT (Hamilton0, Nelson A Boylen (Toronto), Denis Morris
    Pool D: Notre Dame (Burlington), Holy Trinity (Oakville), Holy Cross (St. Catherines)

    Thursday Novmeber 18th:

    Games played at St. Francis
    8:30 - St. Francis vs. BT
    10:00 - DM vs. Nelson A Boylen
    11:30 - Holy Cross vs. Notre Dame
    1:00 - St. Francis vs. John A. MacDonald
    2:30 - Notre Dame vs. Holy Trinity
    4:00 - ACMT vs. Nelson A Boylen
    5:30 - John A MacDonald vs. Blessed Trinity
    7:00 - ACMT vs. DM
    8:30 - Holy Cross vs. Holy Trinity

    Games played at Holy Cross
    2:30 - SFX vs. St. Paul
    5:30 - Simcoe vs. St. Paul
    8:30 - Simcoe vs. SFX

    Friday November 19th
    4:00pm - 3rd place A vs. 3rd place B at St. Francis
    4:00pm - 3rd place C vs. 3rd Place D at Holy Cross

    Saturday Novmeber 20th

    Games at St. Francis
    10:00 - 2nd Pool A vs. 2nd Pool B (junior)
    10:00 - 2nd Pool C vs. 2nd Pool D at Holy Cross
    1:00 - 1st Pool A vs. 1st Pool B - Semi final
    2:30 - 1st Pool C vs. 1st Pool D - Semi Final

    7:00pm: Championship Final

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