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    Brampton's Best Youth BBall Runs Empty Brampton's Best Youth BBall Runs

    Post by Recruiter on Sat Aug 01, 2009 8:46 pm

    Compete Against Brampton’s
    Best Ballers

    Thsba “runs” are the best boys competitive basketball scrimmages for upcoming talent in the Brampton and surrounding region.

    These runs are strictly for the ages 13-15, this will allow players to showcase their talents and practice their skills outside of a coached environment.

    Thsba began in 2008-2009 and was a major hit. Where some of Brampton’s rising stars come out to compete.

    “Bring you’re A game, only the best team stays on”


    • 3 pointers are worth 2 points
    • Everything else are worth 1 point
    • Shoot for your fouls( man up don’t call weak calls)
    • No and ones (once again! man up)
    • Flagrant fouls team automatically comes off
    • Games are timed
    • All games are up to 7 points or 7 mins


    • All players must mail, or hand in waiver and registration info.(available upon request at thsba@live.ca)
    • No spectators! only parents and coaches allowed to watch.
    • Police will be called and charges will be laid for fighting, damages and etc…(lets not ruin runs for the rest of the guys)

    Gym details and cost

    • $3.00 per visit or $10 for 4 visits no exceptions! (No payment no entry)
    • Location -----Sandalwood Heights Secondary School, 2671 Sandalwood Pkwy East
    • Major intersection---- Sandalwood Pkwy and Torbram (Brampton)
    • Time and Date----- 8pm to 10pm every Monday.
    • Start of Program ---- Monday October 19th 2009

    Additional Info

    • Fresh Cold Drinks cost $1.00

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