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    Freeds Tournament Empty Freeds Tournament

    Post by coachcus on Mon Nov 18, 2013 10:53 pm

    The draw for the 24 team Freeds Tournament is out.  The tournament is Nov. 29/30.  This should be another great tournament.  Last year "AAAA" OFSAA champions St. Michael's defeated "AAA" OFSAA champions Windsor Catholic Central in an exciting 3 point come from behind win.

    All games played at Catholic Central will be webcasted.  Results, webcast link and twitter link is available on the website. www.freedstournament.com

    Teams are
    Windsor Catholic Central
    Windsor Assumption
    Windsor Brennan
    Windsor Holy Names
    Windsor St. Joseph
    Lakeshore St. Annes
    Leamington Cardinal Carter
    Windsor Forster
    Windsor Massey
    Toronto St. Michael
    Hamilton Cathedral
    Sarnia St. Patrick
    London Beal
    London Banting
    Sault Ste Marie St. Basil
    Chatham Ursuline College
    Chatham McGregor
    Georgetown Christ the King
    London Mother Teresa
    Hamilton Sherwood
    Burlington Assumption
    Oshawa Maxwell Heights
    Sault Ste. Marie Korah
    Aurora St. Maximilian Kolbe CHS

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    Freeds Tournament Empty Results for Day 1 at Freeds Tournament

    Post by coachcus on Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:12 am

    2013 Freeds Tip Off Tournament
    Results and link to watch games online can be found at www.freedstourament.com or at www.cometbasketball.com

    Flight 1
    Pool A Semifinals
    Cathollic Central 70
    London Banting 31

    Oshawa Maxwll Heights 71
    Hamilton Sherwood 38

    Pool A Finals
    Catholic Central 85
    Maxwell Heights 56

    Pool A Consolation
    London Banting 49
    Hamilton Sherwood 40

    Pool B Semifinals
    Massey 40
    London Beal 48

    St. Annes 58
    Hamilton Cathedral 71

    Pool B Finals
    London Beal 49
    Hamilton Cathedral 55

    Pool B Consolation
    Massey 61
    St. Annes 42

    Pool C Semifinals
    Windsor Assumption 62
    Burlington Assumption 67

    Forster 72
    Sault Ste. Marie Korah 66

    Pool C Finals
    Burlington Assumption 55
    Forster 58

    Pool C Consolation
    Windsor Assumption 56
    Korah 75

    Pool D Semifinals
    St. Michael 93
    Chatham Ursuline College 38

    Holy Names 48
    Sarnia St. Patrick’s 55

    Pool D Finals
    St. Michael 86
    St. Patrick’s 46

    Pool D Consolation
    Ursuline 53
    Holy Names 40

    Flight 2
    Pool A
    Windsor Brennan 52
    Chatham John McGregor 39

    Windsor Kennedy 39
    London Mother Teresa 56

    London Mother Teresa 75
    Windsor Brennan 46

    Chatham John McGregor 26
    Windsor Kennedy 32

    Pool B
    Leamington Cardinal Carter 25
    Windsor St. Joseph 63

    Sault Ste. Marie St. Basil 64
    St. Maximilion Kolbe 46

    Sault Ste. Marie St. Basil 68
    Leamington Cardinal Carter 54

    Windsor St. Joseph 59
    St. Maximilion Kolbe 64

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    Freeds Tournament Empty Freeds Tournament Day 2 Results

    Post by coachcus on Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:42 am

    Congratulations to Toronto St. Michael's for an dominating performance throughout the tournament.

    [b]Gold Medal Championship [/b]
    Toronto St. Michael 87
    Windsor Catholic Central 60

    [b]Gold Medal Consolation[/b]
    Hamilton Cathedral 53
    Windsor Forster 51

    [b]Gold Medal Semifinals[/b]
    Windsor Catholic Central 70
    Hamilton Cathedral 56

    Toronto St. Michael 77
    Windsor Forster 51

    [b]Silver Medal Championship[/b]
    London Beal 63
    Sarnia St. Patrick 46

    [b]Silver Medal Consolation[/b]
    Oshawa Maxwell Heights 49
    Burlington Assumption 39

    [b]Silver Medal Semifinals[/b]
    London Beal 68
    Oshawa Maxwell Heights 56

    Sarnia St. Patrick 67
    Burlington Assumption 57

    [b]Bronze Medal Championship[/b]
    Windsor Massey 55
    Sault Ste. Marie Korah 48

    [b]Bronze Medal Consolation[/b]
    London Sir Fredrick Banting 46
    Chatham Ursuline College 55

    [b]Bronze Medal Semifinals[/b]
    Windsor Massey 50
    London Sir Fredrick Banting 48

    Sault Ste. Marie Korah 79
    Chatham Ursuline College 59

    [b]Exhibition Round Championship[/b]
    Tecumseh St. Annes 62
    Windsor Holy Names 57

    [b]Exhibition Round Consolation[/b]
    Windsor Assumption 66
    Hamilton Sherwood 59

    [b]Exhibition Round Semifinals[/b]
    Tecumseh St. Annes 56
    Hamilton Sherwood 41

    Windsor Holy Names 50
    Windsor Assumption 35

    [b]Flight II Results
    Gold Medal Game[/b]
    London Mother Teresa 72
    Windsor St. Joseph 66

    [b]Silver Medal Game[/b]
    Sault Ste. Marie 48
    Windsor Brennan 38

    [b]Bronze Medal Game[/b]
    Windsor Kennedy 46
    Leamington Cardinal Carter 22

    [b]Exhibition Game[/b]
    Aurora St. Maximilion Kolbe 57
    Chatham McGregor 52

    [b]Pool Play[/b]
    London Mother Teresa 67
    Chatham McGregor 57

    Windsor Brennan 56
    Windsor Kennedy 51

    Leamington Cardinal Carter 61
    Aurora St. Maximilion Kolbe 57 2OT

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