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    Thornlea and Bill Crothers Public Money? Private Interests?

    Jamal J

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    Thornlea and Bill Crothers Public Money? Private Interests?

    Post by Jamal J on Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:11 pm

    Now that the York Region District school board 'powers to be' have decided that it is ok to utilize TAX PAYER FUNDED SCHOOL BOARD TIME to support the private venture of the NPSAA and its founder. I was wondering if they could answer some questions.

    1. Can they guarantee that all teams playing in the tournament will be escorted by a TEACHER SUPERVISOR from wherever they are coming from?

    2. Can they guarantee that if there are in fact teacher coaches in this league that NO teachers are missing their own teaching responsibilities possibly using sick days to coach during school hours?

    3. Can they guarantee that NO students who are playing in this tournament are missing school for their local high schools? And possibly even practice time for their local high schools? Does Thornlea and Bill Crothers condone students missing school to play in a private business venture during school taxpayer funded time ? Using students for their own personal (AAU?)agendas?

    4. Do the administrators at these schools feel comfortable allowing private ventures to use their schools during the day?

    6. How are the people running this tournament planning on justifying its public / private involvement to the main stream media, board of trustees, teachers unions, and upper echelons of the school board?

    7. Can the people running this tournament explain why they waited to the last moment to post the game times?

    Oh yes and I will be there this week to take it all in.

    Coach Jamal

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