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    AAU Opportunities in Toronto: 1996 Players


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    AAU Opportunities in Toronto:  1996 Players Empty AAU Opportunities in Toronto: 1996 Players

    Post by coachjoe on Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:01 am

    If you are a serious basketball player born in 1996 who aspires to play at the collegiate level, then you should consider joining our AAU/OBA program.

    We will be practicing for the next several weeks to prepare for "live-period" AAU events during the second half of July. If you wish to discuss the program further, then please contact Coach Joe directly: dr.joseph.michalski@gmail.com

    If you would like more immediate details about the program before contacting Coach Joe, then please read the remainder of the current post.


    To implement a two-year plan to maximize basketball development and successful transitions to the next stage in the athletic and scholarly careers of select student-athletes from the 1996 cohort.


    Several players who have played high-level rep basketball for various OBA teams have an interest in pursuing collegiate-level basketball, whether in the NCAA or in the CIS. Yet only 3.1% of high school seniors (grade 12) proceed to playing NCAA basketball, while only slightly more than 1% of collegiate players in the United States will ever be drafted by the NBA. Thus the focus of a quality program should be collegiate preparation, including academics and in terms of basketball development.

    To ensure long-term success, a basketball program requires a serious commitment by coaches and parents who will support the players on a year-round basis. That means that there has to be a plan in place to help each player and the team develop, i.e., a firm year-round commitment to training, AAU basketball, and OBA basketball to complement one's high school season. The time to initiate such a program in full is the period immediately following grade 10. In short, now's the time!

    Program Plan

    The successful team must have knowledgeable and dedicated coaches. That requires a commitment by experienced coaches who can teach and implement college-style sets and principles, who can maximize the use of available practice time with organized and progressive sessions, and who are familiar with what’s required to play basketball at the CIS and NCAA levels. The final team will be based on not simply raw athleticism, but will be comprised of players who combine the full range of abilities that include positive attitudes, exceptional basketball IQs, and demonstrated basketball skills. We will provide our players with experience and exposure to top-level competition in both Canada and the U.S. The program requires the commitment, then, of those who are serious about their long-term academic success, as well as their commitment to hard training and learning how to "think the game"! Only true "student-athletes" should consider this program!

    More specifically, our program has the following elements:

    • A program coordinator/manager to assist coaches, players and parents with all phases of the process, from identifying key tournaments to skill development opportunities to academic requirements to submitting applications

    • Committed coaches with a long-term investment in each player’s success, and who will continue to invest in developing their own coaching skills to help ensure such success

    • Team playbooks that outline the core systems (offensive and defensive), specialty plays, and other relevant information that each player can have to study off the court

    • Basketball learning and development plans tailored to each player’s needs and aspirations, including training programs with benchmarks and measurable outcomes (e.g., FITS “Flight School”, Speed Factory)

    • Strength training, injury prevention, and nutrition advice

    • An academic review process that includes real consequences for identifying and assisting athletes who may require extra tutelage

    • Academic tutoring, as required

    • Player/parent contracts that must be signed that outline clearly the key policies and commitments required to be part of the program

    • Regular evaluation mechanisms to provide feedback to each player, including both physical testing and season-specific developmental goals and player “report cards”

    • Detailed statistical analyses summarizing player performance, utilizing the same metrics that college and professional athletes use (e.g., shooting "efficiency")

    • Video analyses of each game (and selected training sessions), both to provide regular individual/team feedback to learning and development and to prepare “mixed tapes” for players used in association with the recruiting process

    • Clear information about collegiate requirements and deadlines, including both CIS requirements and deadlines, as well as information for participating in NCAA basketball such as SAT requirements and registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center

    • Website and blog-sites to provide information about and for each athlete, as our centralized means for communicating both internally and externally

    • Continued external sponsorship to help subsidize player expenses

    For more information, please contact Dr. Joseph Michalski ("Coach Joe") as soon as possible at: dr.joseph.michalski@gmail.com

    See you on the courts!

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